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The internet is an ever expanding virtual space made from html pages that contains hyper text mark-up to represent information in a way that is acceptable to humans.

While html is great on it’s own, it’s ugly. Apart from your first “Hello world” encounter with html, it’s very rare to find a web page to consist of mark-up alone. Making it easier on the eye though, is style sheets.

Cascading style sheets not only changes the way your browser interprets html within the context of your page but also bends the rules for content represented on different media types and devices.

Adding a dimension of interactivity is JavaScript. A powerful programming interface capable of performing complex calculations, form validation, animation and manipulation of marked-up elements.

A web site is a collection of web pages, referred to as being static when they are not generated by a web server. Dynamically generated pages are referred to as  web applications and are capable of performing complex functions and algorithms.

Static pages are great for the site owner who desires an on-line presence. A problem for web designers though – because site owners often take a while to prepare content which may delay the launch of their website.

Content management systems like Joomla is a web application that allows site owners to add and maintain content at leisure while allowing web designers to focus on completing the project.

Just getting started!

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The purpose of this blog is to serve as my personal digital playground where I share and organise my thoughts and seeing as this is my very first blog post, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Burger Vivier. I am a human being from planet Earth, defined only by my character. I am a citizen of South Africa and prefer to communicate in Afrikaans to other humans. My life revolve around my lovely wife and our two beautiful children – Leah and Adam.

I respect all forms of life on our planet, especially those life forms I consume for nutritional value to stay alive. I live, let live and like many other humans, I have the capacity to enjoy good food and good fun.

I have found that by changing your attitude towards things you don’t like, helps you to alter your perception. I now enjoy most things.

During daytime, I work for money, wielding a computing device but when the Sun disappears from view and darkness fall, I usually stop working, rest and continue. Provided the good Lord so pleases.




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